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April 15-21

Plano Arts Week Logo

Plano Arts Week is an annual event for arts awareness in our hometown! For one dedicated week, we will direct our focus to the vibrant arts community that shapes our cultural environment.

All performances of dance, music, and theater as well as art exhibits occurring during this week will be listed on the Plano Arts Week Calendar with links to purchase tickets. Free events in parks and other public places will also have listings.

We encourage all local businesses, workplaces, schools, churches, and all neighborhoods to get involved!

Create and plan your own arts activities and share them, #PlanoArtsWeek2024. Let’s join together to enrich our daily lives and embrace a new experience through the arts in Plano!

Register, add your event to our calendar, & promote your event 

Spotting Art In Plano

Art can be experienced in many ways!


Let us know if you spot ANY art in Plano by sharing an image or video with the hashtag:



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